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Wednesday, 25 July 2018



Diwali is a festival of lights and holds great importance in everyone’s life. No matter where a person is staying means in India or abroad he or she will put his entire endeavour to make Diwali just like home. So, let us discuss why Diwali is celebrated?

What Diwali signifies?

The noise of crackers is said to be killing evil omens. The lighted lamps light up the lives of the people. Diwa\li puja and prayers are going to bring positive impact and spirit of goodness will ensue.
There are traditions of Diwali celebrating Rama and Sita coming back to Ayodhya after the 14-year exile.

If you don't know when is Diwali check this out? 

Why is diwali celebrated

As the 2018 Diwali date comes closer, everyone gets ready into action. They’d make new decisions in favour of purchasing new goods, acquiring new pieces of land, buying new pieces of furniture and the list is limited here to conserve space.

Of course, the festival is known for lighting diyas, exploding crackers and other fireworks. However, the celebration of Diwali varies across India.

Many people start talking Diwali kab hai? Meaning when is Diwali. And, everyone becomes busier than ever in planning their things to do on Diwali. People tend to take important decisions in business, life and professionals and so on. Diwali creates a considerable impact on all the sections of the society. Many of us reckon it as a measure of prospective success in the year that’s coming.
And on the D-day, people wish each other Shubh Diwali or Happy Diwali.

Diwali is celebrated all over the country with loads of enthusiasm. The reasons as to why is Diwali celebrated varies from people to people and region to region. But the concept of Diwali is to kill the evil. Evil here means our negative thoughts that we should not let us penetrate our heart or soul as it will result in a major loss both mental and physical. So this Diwali let us all decide to kill all the evil feelings and live a wonderful life.

Wish you a very happy prosperous Diwali.

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